About us


The Sudan Solidarity Collective formed in response to the outbreak of a brutal war in Sudan. It seeks to resource grassroots civil society formations at the frontlines of relief efforts in those parts of Sudan that have been hardest hit by militarised state violence. Comprised of a group of Sudanese undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and community members, the collective also aims to develop spaces for the Sudanese community at UofT and beyond, to come together in solidarity to facilitate avenues for collaboration around political education, advocacy, collective healing, mutual aid and community-building. As such, our two priorities are:

  1. To launch a Sudan Solidarity Fund that aims to provide direct financial assistance to civilian-led groups such as resistance committees and independent labour and farmers unions leading emergency relief efforts. We hope to support these groups as they respond to the life-threatening consequences of war and continue their valuable work within the Sudanese civil society sphere. The funds collected through this fund will be distributed through the collective decision-making of an advisory board which includes members of these groups, who are based in Sudan and neighbouring countries.
  1. To challenge and remove the barriers people are facing due to war-related loss and trauma. We seek to create spaces for the Sudanese diaspora to come together in solidarity to engage in political education, advocacy, collective healing, mutual aid and community building. Activities and initiatives may include, resettlement support for recently arrived Sudanese refugees, arts and cultural production, political education workshops, collective mental health support and political advocacy.